Color Lines: From Phillip to Floyd - An Upward Media Partners Podcast


August 31, 2021

Thank you to all of our speakers and listeners who joined the COLOR LINES: FROM PHILLIP TO FLOYD Livestream Q&A event on Jun 12, 2021.

Meet the key speakers interviewed in the podcast as we discuss questions on the present moment that is shaping America's future.

Mike Kelly, author of COLOR LINES, and Upward Media Partners’ podcast host Brittany Hanrahan will lead a panel discussion with today’s prominent voices on the following topics:

- Police reform and the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

- New approaches to community based policing

- Mental health first aid for public safety and new de-escalation training for interactions involving mental illness

- Impactful legislative changes on federal and state levels

- Closing in on one year after George Floyd's murder - the most critical steps to move forward as a society & nation


Today's livestream speaker panel included:

- Brittany Hanrahan, Host

- Mike Kelly, Journalist and Author, COLOR LINES

- Dan Keashen, Public Information Officer from the Camden New Jersey Police Dept

- Marsha Kazarosian - Prominent civil rights attorney in Massachusetts

- DeWitt Lacy - Renowned Los Angeles Civil Rights attorney

- Dr. Janus Adams -Emmy Award-winning Journalist, Author, Speaker, Host

- Bryan Gibb, consultant focusing on mental health, law-enforcement, and de-escalation training and the former director of public education at the National Council for Behavioral Health.

Thanks for all who joined!

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